Brill company was founded in 1928. The real reason behind the creation of this masterpiece was the inclusion of new techniques in baking. Even after all those years, Brill Inc. has grown to maintain its heritage. Offering a wide variety of signature baking styles, they also carry unique icing combos like Scoop-N-Bake Muffins, Simplicious, Premium icing techniques, and a wide variety of cupcakes.

What makes Brill a unique company is its Brill icing technique which continues to stand out.

In order to meet the needs of the retail and foodservice sectors, Brill Inc. provides supermarkets, food services, artisans and industrial bakeries, and a multitude of other businesses with a wide array of goods and solutions. They provide an innovative approach and ideas without market or product category limits. The menu options feature plenty of options that range from sweet to savory, to better serve their customers who have their own clientele to cater to.

Even with a wide variety of products that Brill Inc. brings to the table, what precisely makes their work stand out is the unique art that their cakes and bread showcase. Amazing Brill icing styles are always notable, including buttercream icings, specialty icings, donut icings, and glazes. And the technique provides for exquisite muffins, cupcakes, cakes, whipped toppings, cookies, and brownies.

Perfect Buttercream Icing

To ensure the greatest possible quality, Brill utilizes only the finest quality ingredients, latest methods, and top-notch baking supplies to produce ready-to-use buttercream frostings for consumers. Furthermore, the cake frosting is available in many different flavors, from creamy vanilla to mint cookies n crème.

Brill icing is undoubtedly one of the best in the market, especially considering that it allows for less effort and time for the preparation process. Thanks to the in-plant sugar grinding technique, cake frosting is soft and silky, with the finest granulation available in the commercial market.

What’s more, thanks to Brill’s comprehensive selection of specialty icings and baking supplies, you can be 100% sure that you’ll get a consistent result for your cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, or whatever sweet treat you have in mind. After all, as an emerging baking business, your goal should be to do everything possible to stand out from the competition and choosing to incorporate Brill icing and cake frosting into your business plan would do the trick nicely.

Crepe Cake Decoration

Other Amazing Brill Staples

We have to mention the delectable Fudge icing among Brill’s specialty selection. Among many different and flexible fudge bases and icings, each one is capable of delivering a luscious, delectable flavor that’s guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Why waste time, effort, and baking supplies when you can simply make the most out of ready-to-use icings to provide great finishes to cakes, dipping donuts, brownies, and a multitude of other baked goods?

Cream cheese is another unmissable gem. The formulation was tailored to offer an application that is supple and soft, which allows for the production of creamy, tangy icings that are rich and flavorful.

Brill’s donut icings are another delicacy. To offer a wide range of options, they have developed a series of specialized glazes and continue to maintain the leader position in terms of innovation within the industry for over 25 years. Brill glazes have a longer shelf life, feature the much-needed freeze-thaw stability, remain transparent, and boasts a honey-like taste. After all, quality is a critical component in all good creations.

With everything said, it should be clear that you can’t go wrong with utilizing everything that Brill Inc. has to offer, regardless of whether you’re just starting out your baking business or already have an established company. To further aid you on your road to success, we at Medina Baking & Powder Supply are happy to manage your baking needs and requirements at rather affordable prices. We are a leading wholesale supplier for HC Brill in Miami, Florida. You can count on our speedy and reliable service across South and Central America, as well as South Florida and the Caribbean.