Bakeries come in all shapes and sizes. It?s no wonder competition is stiff. That’s why we at Medina Baking & Supply are here to help you find your niche and stand out from the crowd. Establishing your business as one of a kind is just one of many ways to set yourself and your beloved pastries up for success. And there’s so much sweetness to choose from, the options are practically endless.

Commercial bread & cakes

These types of bakeries allow you to focus on quantity and high demand commercial bread and pastries at affordable prices. Wholesale bakeries usually sell to restaurants and other businesses. You?ll know how much you will need to produce on a regular basis. There will be low overhead since you will not need to hire servers and can automate mundane processes.

Wedding cakes

Make a couples day a little sweeter with one of the most popular and competitive bakery types. Over 2 million weddings are conducted annually, generating $53 billion a year. This is definitely a winning option.

Cookies & biscuits

This niche bakery almost always has a high return. Cookies and biscuits are always trendy and have short bake times. They are also more versatile than cupcakes and are so easy to make.

Bakery food truck

This is a popular alternative to a storefront. They are relatively inexpensive with low overhead and the freedom to move to different locations. However, in doing so, you?ll have to find somewhere else to prepare the baked goods with these types of bakeries.

Bakery food truck

Shared co-op kitchen

Taking this bakery business route gives you the opportunity to cut costs and rent space in a commercially licensed kitchen. The best part is that the coop maintains all the equipment and you can enjoy having your own baking space without the steep costs. You are still responsible for city, state, and county licensing for opening a food service establishment but you can test your business without committing to a large investment. It is a great chance to network and build valuable friendships in the process.

Small business incubator

These types of bakeries are similar to a co-op but provide invaluable support through mentorship and connection to sales opportunities. As a beginning entrepreneur, the education prepares you for starting your bakery business and your business will grow quicker because of the network. Your success is your mentors’ success so they are truly invested in seeing your business grow. With these types of bakeries, there may be requirements that you will have to meet, which may prevent you from moving.

Existing church, daycare, or nursing home

If you have a strong established relationship with a church, daycare, nursing home, or hotel, you can partner to rent and utilize the space during off hours. This option allows you to avoid a steep investment and build a clientele with little risk.

Catering kitchen

You are able to completely own and operate your own baking business with very little customer service area while renting the space. This keeps the rent less expensive than a traditional bakery storefront and cuts down on updating fixtures and decorations. If you chose this route, you will have to focus on sales and marketing since you will not have walk-in customers. ??

To Conclude

Whew! We know that was a lot of information but we want to make sure you are equipped with all the knowledge you need in order to move forward in building your ideal bakery business. As you can see, there?s more than one option for opening a fabulous bakery business.

Whether you are looking to keep overhead and costs low, or if you prefer a more traditional storefront that allows your customers to smell your product, we are here to support you. If you are feeling adventurous, you can combine these options to come up with a unique business.

Now you know you don?t need millions of dollars to get started. With options like catering, co-ops, and utilizing existing church relationships, you can start building your business today with baby steps. Reach out to us at Medina baking supplier Miami and find everything you need for your new business in one place.