If you’ve never made raisin cinnamon bread, you’re in for a hell of a surprise. Once you get good at making this puffy, delicious raisin wonder, you’ll be preparing it every weekend.

Believe us when we say it – it doesn’t get much better than starting your relaxation time with a cup of coffee and some raisin bread. Each piece tastes like a real slice of heaven, and pairing it with our favorite dark liquid goes just perfectly.

And the preparation process is quite simple. It also has a therapeutic effect and will make you feel accomplished after making something with your hands.

The only thing left to do is learn to prepare this cinnamon raisin bread recipe! We’ve gathered all the necessary information in this article, so keep reading.

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What Makes Our Raisin Bread Recipe So Amazing

There are a bunch of raisin cinnamon bread recipes online, and some of them aren’t that good. It’s important to differentiate the good from the bad ones and know how to recognize a well-made raisin bread when you see it.

These are some of the reasons you’ll fall in love with the way we make this homemade delicacy.

Sweet Bread With Cinnamon and Raisins for Dessert

It’s Not a Cheat Meal

The bread you get from the supermarket can stay on the shelf for weeks. That’s because of all the preservatives stopping it from going bad. Though they help the shelf life of many food items, those chemical additions are usually less than good for our looks and gut health.

Luckily, our cinnamon raisin bread recipe is all natural! You won’t have to worry about your tummy hurting, losing gains, or tipping the scale. Prepare bread with healthy ingredients, and you’ll enjoy it more than anything off the shelf.

The Smell is Unbeaten

This particular reason may be enough to beat any other bread you can find at the store. The unique odor you’ll smell in your home after baking raisin cinnamon bread is something different.

Everyone who walks into the kitchen will be taken by what they feel and ask for a slice. So make sure you follow the instructions, and you and your friends will enjoy a healthy treat.

Who Doesn’t Love Leftovers?

We know it will be difficult to leave some raisin bread for later. But somehow, there are always some leftovers waiting for your comeback. 

Luckily, there are plenty of recipes on what to do with raisin bread leftovers. French toast is the first delicious idea that drops to mind, but feel free to improvise and turn leftovers into a feast.

What You’ll Need

Before you begin the preparations, you need to assemble a few things. Apart from the ingredients, you’ll need:

  • See-through (mixing) bowls
  • Loaf pan
  • Pastry mat

Once you get these, move on to the ingredients list and start checking things off one by one.


  • Milk

We use whole milk to make this recipe. However, you can substitute for water and get similar results. Adding some butter will increase the fat percentage in the mix and help the bread stay moist a bit longer.

  • All-purpose flour

Unbleached is our go-to, but if you have bleached, feel free to use it.

  • Active dry yeast

Yes, there are other yeast options out there. We know you may be tempted to use instant, rapid, or quick yeast as you assume the result will be similar vanity bitcoin address maker. That’s not the case, though. Use active dry yeast this time, and the results won’t disappoint.

  • Raisins, of course

Regular raisins are our number one option, but feel free to go with any variety. As long as you have some, you’re good.

  • Salt

Feel free to use regular table salt. We prefer ground sea salt, but the choice is yours.

  • Ground Cinnamon

Just make sure it’s fresh. Leaving your spices on the shelf for too long can cause them to lose flavor. Avoid that by using fresh products in the kitchen.

  • Unsalted butter

The dough is already salty. So, using salted butter may not be the best idea for this recipe. If that’s the only type you have, put half the amount of salt.

  • Ground nutmeg
  • Egg
  • Honey

How to Make Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Homemade Raisin and Cinnamon Bread on a Gray Slate Slab With a Linen Cloth and Pat of Butter on a Knife

Now, the main part. It’s time to make cinnamon raisin bread!

We’ve divided the instructions into simple steps, so you’ll have no trouble following the recipe regardless of your experience in the kitchen.

Follow the steps, and you’ll be having your first homemade raisin bread in no time.

Step 1 

Place all of the raisins in a bowl. Then, soak them in warm water for 15 minutes, then drain them off.

Step 2

Continue by adding warm milk, yeast, and white sugar into the bowl of a stand-up mixer. Let the mixture sit for about five minutes so the milk can help the yeast activate.

Step 3

Add raisins, flour, ground nutmeg, and cinnamon into a separate bowl. Mix all of the ingredients making sure the raisins get coated in flour.

That will allow them to be spread out through the bread and not sink to the bottom.

Step 4

Into the yeast mixture, add egg, honey, butter, and salt. Then mix at slow speed for 30 seconds.

Step 5

Add the prepared flour mix into the bowl, then keep mixing at lower speeds. Stop when all of the ingredients have combined. Make sure no dry flour is left in the mixing container.

Step 6

Bring up the speed to a medium, and continue to mix the ingredients for another five minutes. As you mix, the dough will become less sticky.

Of course, if you don’t have a mixer capable of doing this job, you can use your hands to knead the dough. 

Step 7

Now that we’ve made the dough, it’s time to let it rise.

First, cover a mixing bowl with oil. We do this to stop the bread from sticking to the surface. Then, put the dough inside, and cover everything with plastic wrap.

This addition stops the dough from developing a crust during the next 90 minutes.

Leave the bowl on the counter for that time, then proceed to step 8.

Step 8

Use butter to grease a loaf pan. Leave it on the side until we need it again.

Step 9

Now, you can transfer the dough from the bowl to a dusted surface.

Step 10

It’s time to shape the dough into a long rectangle. It should be about 8×10 inches. 

Roll the dough into a log, and transfer it to the pan.

Step 11

Cover the pan with plastic wrap, and let the dough rise for another 15 minutes.

Then, use a sharp knife to score the bread’s top. Once again, cover the pan. Now, let the dough rise for 30 minutes.

Step 12

Make sure the oven is preheated to 350 degrees F.

Step 13

It’s baking time!

Leave the bread in the oven for 30 to 35 minutes. Or, if you’re using a food thermometer, once the temperature reaches 195 degrees F, your bread is baked!

Step 14

Don’t slice the bread too soon! Take it out of the pan, let it rest and cool for some time, then slice and enjoy!

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