This unique-looking dessert will leave you speechless from the first time you lay your eyes on it. Because of the tempered chocolate topping, the entire piece resembles a mirror. However, tempering chocolate is the best method to make a perfect dessert. Tempered dark chocolate will melt evenly in your mouth, and it will snap when bitten. Here you can find the best chocolate for tempering, and if you follow this step-by-step guide for how to temper chocolate, you will enjoy the best taste.

How to Temper Chocolate Properly

The chocolate must be set in the right temperament and gently heated and cooled while stirring constantly. If this is not done properly, the crystallization of cocoa butter will not be as it should be, and we will get gloomy chocolate with white streaks.

If the chocolate is not tempered, it will melt and break faster, which you do not want. Also, many recipes require tempering dark chocolates to have the final beautiful look, unique taste, and specific texture, like truffles and chocolate bars.

We will teach you how to temper chocolate the best way in the text below.


In this recipe, you have only one ingredient, chocolate, but there is more to come; follow the making process carefully because it can quickly go wrong.

Step 1 – Prepare the Chocolate 

Superbly cut 1½ to 2 pounds of chocolate because smaller quantities help with the temperature control. Prepare two pots on the stove to melt the chocolate. It can be a double boiler or two saucepans; one will be filled with water to boil, and you will put two-thirds of the previously cut chocolate in the upper pot. 

With such recipes, you must be careful that the bottom of the upper pot does not touch the boiling water in the pot that is on the stove. The chocolate needs to be stirred with a spatula while it melts, and it is advisable to put a digital thermometer inside to monitor the temperature.

Step 2 – Control Tempering Chocolate

The temperature of tempering dark chocolate must be up to 120 ° F, and for milk chocolate, 105 ° F. Wait for the tempering chocolate to melt completely and only then remove it from the boiling water. After you have lifted the pot, wipe it off the condensed water. Then, slowly stir the remaining one-third of the chocolate into the melted chocolate.

Step 3 – Cooling Tempering Chocolate

In the next step, the chocolate needs to be cooled to 82 ° F. If it’s warmer, keep stirring evenly to cool it. If the chocolate has cooled too much, you must reheat it. When the dark chocolate reaches 82 ° F, return it to the stove and temper chocolate between 88 ° F and 91 ° F. If you tempered milk or white chocolate, reheat to 85 ° F to 87 ° F. When you reach the desired temperature, remove the bowl of chocolate from the heat.

Step 4 – Test Chocolate You Tempered

Tempering Melted Chocolate on Table

Take a small test to see if you have tempered the chocolate well. Put a spoonful of melted chocolate on the wax paper and take a good look at what it looks like. If it looks blurry and has white spots, repeats step 2 of the recipes. Suppose your chocolate dries quickly and has a nice shine; you have done an excellent job.

Step 5 – How to Keep Chocolate Tempered

When the tempered chocolate reaches the appropriate temperature, you must use it immediately; otherwise, it cools down and becomes difficult to manipulate. For example, if the chocolate cools to 84 ° F to 86 ° F, you must temper chocolate again. Then, heat the chocolate for 7 seconds to make it great to use.

Final Thoughts About the Best Chocolate for Tempering

Have you ever tried this method, and have you succeeded? We are interested in your experiences and if you need the best chocolate for this process, feel free to contact us.