Milk enhances each recipe. You haven’t heard that before? Protein works wonders on more than your body. The effects of protein in baking can be seen in strong batters and doughs able to defy the harshness of baking. Seriously, milk gives your bread muscles.

But, there are times when you have a baking itch and no milk in the fridge. Rather than announcing a natural catastrophe, we suggest keeping a replacement for milk in baking handy for those moments.

We?ve all had those times when we?ve seen an interesting recipe on our favorite competitive baking show that we wanted to try. Or, we simply wanted to make a treasured family baking recipe but needed a substitute for milk in baking. At the end of the day, we get it and are here to help you out with a quick list of baking substitutions for milk that you may not be aware of.

Substitutes for Milk in Baking to The Rescue

  • Sour Cream & Plain Yogurt

These ingredients work wonders as substitutes for just about any recipe calling for a binding agent. Sure, sour cream and yogurt are thicker in consistency than milk, but if you are looking for a little thinner effect, simply add water.

Both substitutes have a bit of a tangy taste that can easily be addressed with a bit of vanilla. Sour cream is one of the best substitutes for milk because it adds richness while still remaining light and fluffy. Yogurt is incredibly versatile and is easily swapped with milk in a recipe. Just be prepared for a runnier mix that you may need to compensate with increased dry ingredients.

  • Evaporated & Powdered Milk

Using evaporated milk as a substitute is both art and science. Due to its thickness and sweet flavor, it requires a bit of finesse when adding it to a baking recipe. If you are looking for a creamier consistency, it?s best to add more. If you’re looking for that fresh milk taste, you should simply add less.

It especially comes in handy for those days you are looking to make a yummy quiche or a moist cornbread. Powdered milk requires more patience. You?ll generally need to measure 1/4 powder for every cup of water and adjust for your desired consistency. Powdered milk works well in bread recipes.

  • Cream & Half & Half

The richness of cream makes this substitute a bit heavier than the others but similar to sour cream and yogurt without the tangy flavor. Both whipping cream and heavy cream have higher fat content, adding moisture to your baked goods but causing the recipe to bake differently.

Half and half adds a pleasant creaminess to a recipe, especially baked mac and cheese dishes.

  • Soy Milk

This is a popular choice, particularly for vegans and individuals who are lactose intolerant. The best part about using this ingredient as a substitute for milk in baking is that it can be measured at the same ratio as regular milk in your baking recipes.

With so many brands and flavors to choose from, the possibilities are literally endless. Soy milk even has a much longer shelf life than dairy milk, so it is a great backup to keep on hand. In certain recipes like puddings and pies, you?ll notice a difference in flavor and texture. For these recipes, you may need to add cornstarch or flour.

soy milk and soy beans

  • Rice Milk

This is another great alternative for those with milk allergies or intolerance. Mostly made from milled white or brown rice, rice milk is so accessible it can be made at home and is the least allergenic of all substitutes.

Rice milk contains more calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates per cup, making it a preferred alternative for growing children, athletes, and elderly. However, it?s high-glycemic index makes it a poor choice for individuals with diabetes.

When adding a milk substitute for baking, the whole process becomes more exciting. Don?t be afraid to get adventurous with your recipes and try something new, even if it is the result of a last minute mistake. It’s all about combining flavors, consistency, and textures to create the perfect baked good.

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