For a baker, it is crucial to have the right equipment in order to bake some amazing dishes. Even if you’re just someone who wants to enjoy delicious baked goods at home, the tools you use will affect the ease of process as well as the final result.

Essentially, opt for tools and equipment that will make things easier for you, like silicone cookware. Thanks to the design of silicon cookware, especially when it comes to baking in silicone molds vs metal ones, the whole process will be smoother and easier; after all, silicon is your go-to non-stick bakeware solution.

Having great baking skills is a serious talent, but every talent needs some extra tools in order to yield the perfect result.

That said, this article will explain all the pros and cons of silicone bakeware and baking with a silicone mold.

Pros of Silicone Cookware

There are various pros when it comes to using silicone molds for baking. Not only does silicone bakeware makes the baking process easier, but it also makes you more eager to bake some homemade delights.

1. Silicone Is Non-Stick Bakeware

You do not need too much oil at all. Yes, with silicone, you can actually experience what it’s like when your ingredients don’t stick to the dishes.

Aside from being extremely irritating, sticky dishes could also affect the quality of your baked goods. There is a possibility of your cake burning down in those situations, which is not the case with silicone non-stick bakeware.

Furthermore, with silicone molds for baking, you can adjust (and considerably minimize) the amount of oil/butter you use, which also allows you to make healthier yet equally delicious bites.

2. Choose the Shape and the Color You Want

If you can imagine it then there are probably silicone molds for baking in that shape available. It’s true that there are different shapes when it comes to metal molds as well, but in terms of baking in silicone molds vs metal ones, you can be 100% sure that silicone provides considerably more interesting options.

Fun shapes can really do a lot for a finished dessert, especially in the case of muffins and cookies. Not to mention that you’ll get to surprise your friends and family with this little trick.

Empty Cupcake Cases With Different Kitchen Utensils on Wooden Table

3. Silicone Is Dishwasher Safe

If you have a dishwashing machine, you know that certain dishes and bakeware simply can’t go into it. This can be an even bigger nightmare compared to washing everything by hand. However, when you decide to start baking with a silicone mold and use silicone bakeware in general, you can be certain that you can just put everything inside the dishwasher and not worry.

Aside from being dishwasher-safe, silicone bakeware is also easy to wash by hand since, as mentioned, food rarely sticks to it. More often than not, a thorough rinse is all that’s necessary.

4. The Price Is Not High

There are products that seem to be fantastic, but the price for them is ridiculous. When it comes to baking in silicone molds vs metal ones, silicon bakeware wins again thanks to its affordability as well; you can buy it anytime without feeling regret for spending so much money like you would on something that’s more expensive. Not to mention that it justifies its already affordable price due to its great longevity and functionality.

5. Silicone Bakeware Saves Space

It’s rather easy to find a place for silicone bakeware. Thanks to its flexibility, the bakeware can be further squished in order to fit smaller spaces. The dishes also don’t weigh much, making it simple to get them out whenever you need them, move them from spot to spot, and so on.

6. You Get an Even Bake

You might not be aware of this but when you opt for baking with a silicone mold, you can also expect to get a nice and even bake. No need to worry about certain areas not baking fully or your baked goods not turning out pretty to look at as much as it is to eat them.

Muffin With Salmon, Spinach and Cheese in Silicone Brown Bakeware on Green Tablecloth With Gooses.

7. Silicone Is Also Microwave Safe

It’s true that some plastic dishes and other materials should never be put inside a microwave because they can literally explode. You have got nothing to worry about though when it comes to silicone cookware, as silicone is perfectly safe to place inside the microwave.

That said, it’s also worth noting that silicone bakeware can also be used for storing your baked goods inside the fridge as they manage cold just as well as heat.

Cons of Silicone Bakeware

Now, it’s obvious that there are plenty of wonderful benefits when it comes to using silicone cookware for all your baking endeavors – and the clean-up afterward. However, nothing can be 100% perfect. In order to truly enjoy the mentioned pros of silicone bakeware, you should also be aware of its cons. This is especially important for professional bakers and people who are looking to turn their baking talent/hobby into a profitable business. That said, the few cons of silicone bakeware include the following:

  • It’s easy to spill something from them; the structure of silicone bakeware is flexible, meaning that you have to be extra careful when picking it up or carrying it while it’s full. The mold can easily bend over, making you spill the contents if you’re not careful enough.
  • Silicone doesn’t manage extremely high temperatures well; this means that it can melt if exposed to a really high temperature for too long.
  • Silicone bakeware cannot be near the flame
  • While silicone bakeware can last for a really long time, it may not last as long as some other materials
  • When cutting something on the silicone dish, there’s a possibility to cut the bakeware as well

Of course, you know what kind of baking tools and equipment suits your style of baking the best. However, if you’re looking to improve your baking magic as well as make the entire process easier and more efficient with a better and tastier final product in mind, you should definitely look into the pros of silicone bakeware. And in case you’re interested to use silicone molds as a part of your business methods and further work on making your establishment a success, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Medina Baking & Powder Supply. We will see to all of your baking needs regardless of whether you’re just starting out as a small home-based business or have an already established bakery. Our affordable, reliable, and fast service makes us the go-to supplier throughout South Florida, South and Central America, and the Caribbean.