Essential Baking Ingredients for Every Pantry

When you are a kid, you are aware of "the cupboard” existence. It’s always somewhere high up, out of your reach, but when a grown-up walks into the kitchen, opens that cupboard, and starts getting all sorts of dry baking ingredients packed in bags and boxes out of it, you know that something good is going to be made.  All of [...]

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How to Make a Perfect Double Chocolate Tart

The irresistible chocolate tart is a dream come true for every chocoholic. It’s a tempting combination of crust pastry and rich filling. Depending on the occasion, you can choose to make chocolate tartlets, following the mini chocolate tartlet recipe, where everyone can have their dessert, or on the other hand, prepare a chocolate tart and cut it into slices, just like [...]

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Amazing Benefits of Guava Fruit and Leaves

Are you familiar with a species of tropical fruit named guava? If not, here is some useful and interesting information that will help you learn more about this miraculous fruit. Guava fruit is a type of berry with a phenomenal effect on our health. It belongs to the myrtle family of shrubs and trees, shredded in tropical areas. What makes these [...]

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8 Traditional Cuban Desserts

Everyone needs that one special dessert that simply brings joy and energy during the day. And there are plenty of different types of deserts, different cuisines, and different traditional desserts, which are not that hard to prepare. In this article, we will talk about traditional Cuban desserts that are simple, delicious, yet very easy to make – and almost always cinnamon-heavy. [...]

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The Use of Bakery Emulsions for Baking and Frosting

Small amounts of bakery emulsion are ideally and historically, the secret ingredient used in most baking processes. Several recipes incorporate these emulsions for baking. They are easy to use and often yield a much tastier and more uniform result compared to using the real ingredients themselves. Bakery emulsion has its flavors suspended in water; unlike pure flavor extracts based on alcohol, [...]

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