The irresistible chocolate tart is a dream come true for every chocoholic. It’s a tempting combination of crust pastry and rich filling. Depending on the occasion, you can choose to make chocolate tartlets, following the mini chocolate tartlet recipe, where everyone can have their dessert, or on the other hand, prepare a chocolate tart and cut it into slices, just like you would do with a regular pie or cake. 

This double chocolate tart is the best solution for the biggest chocolate cravings. 

A Few Tips Before Making a Double Chocolate Tart

Delicious Caramel Chocolate Tart, Topped With Nuts and Strawberries

  • Carefully Weigh Your Ingredients

If you don’t go over this step, you’ll probably end up with a dough that is too crumbly or too wet. Still, this is nothing to worry about since you may add a bit of water to dry dough and a bit of flour to wet the dough to make it just perfect. If you are new at baking, try making the mini chocolate tart or tartlet first, since it takes a fewer amount of ingredients and gives you space to even try a couple of times. 

  • Preventing Soggy Bottom Crust

To avoid a damped bottom crust, you should blind bake your pastry. This means you bake the crust before adding the filling. You can also make a thicker crust for preventing filling from passing through the fine cracks of the pastry thus making it softer than it’s supposed to be. Another thing is to add the filling while it’s still hot because this will set the crust properly to the tart pan.

  • Making the Pastry a Day Ahead

The pastry can be stored in the fridge and last up to three days. If you make the tart crust a day earlier, you will also have more time on your hands to prepare the filling. When doing this, make the dough and form it into a ball. If you are following the mini chocolate tartlet recipe, make a couple of small dough balls instead, since this step would, later on, show to be easier for making the tartlets. Wrap it up in plastic wrap and seal it. When you are ready to make the chocolate tart recipe, take the pastry out of the fridge and leave it out for a few hours so it can get room temperature. This way, the crust will be more pliable. 

  • Use Powdered Sugar Over Granulated  

Granulated sugar can make the crust more crumbly, and powdered sugar makes the crust smoother. Using this tip is your choice only, and it depends on your taste and how you like your tart pastry.

  • Use Quality Ingredients 

The most important tip is to use high-quality ingredients. Use 60-70% dark, bittersweet chocolate in bars or chips, first-rate cocoa powder, real butter, and 30-35% fat cream. Whether you are following the mini chocolate tartlet recipe or the chocolate tart recipe, the quality of the components plays an important role in how the dessert will taste.

Types of Fillings to Use for the Perfect Chocolate Tartlet

If you decide to make a filling that doesn’t need to be baked, chocolate ganache is just the right choice. Ganache is a two-ingredient recipe, which includes quality dark chocolate and warm cream. After you warmed up the cream and melted the chocolate, stir that up to a smooth, silky filling. While still warm, pour it up in the pastry shell and leave it to cool down before serving. 

Preparing the filling that is supposed to be baked is also not that complicated, but very similar to chocolate ganache, with a few more added elements. Besides chocolate and warm cream, you’ll need some sugar, salt, and two eggs. The procedure is the same as the non-baking filling, but you need to add the eggs you’ve beaten earlier and mix up the ingredients until everything is completely blended. You’ll know that the filling is ready once the surface of your chocolate tartlet gets glossy. You can be creative and play around with the ingredients. 

Some suggest adding some cocoa powder to this mixture, vanilla extract, white chocolate, etc. There are all kinds of chocolate tart recipes, and the ingredients vary from one to another, so it’s only up to you which one you’ll choose. You can prepare tartlets or a couple of mini chocolate tarts and try out different fillings on each of those. 

How to Make a Tart Pastry

Chef’s Hand Spreading Chocolate Ganache Glazed Over Torte.

The difference in taste is recognizable, whether you choose to make a non-baked or a blind-baked pastry. In both cases, the tart will turn out to be delicious, but the non-baked version has a more creamy taste, while the baked one is crisper and gives that special flavor when combined with rich, smooth chocolate filling. A blind-baked pastry is also less prone to tearing.  

  • Ingredients for Non-baked Pastry 

If you don’t feel encouraged enough to try baking the pastry, the ingredients for making a non-baking one are butter and ground cookies of your choice. 

  • Making the Non-baked Pastry

What you’ll need to do is mix cookie crumbs with melted butter until it’s all well combined and has a moisture texture. After this, you place the mixture onto the bottom and the sides of your tart pan. Then, place it in a fridge so it can get firm. This process will take about an hour or so. The next step is applying the chocolate filling and leaving it all to cool down. The only risk in making a pastry you don’t have to bake is that it may be softer and harder for later serving.

  • Baked Tart Crust Ingredients

The all-purpose flour, sugar, an egg, a pinch of salt, cocoa powder, and unsalted butter is what you’ll need when making a baked tart crust. In some cases, you may also apply some vanilla extract, but this is optional and depends on your taste. How much of these ingredients you’ll use, depends on which chocolate tart recipe you’ve decided to follow.

  • Making the Baked Tart Crust

After gently combining all these ingredients, form the dough into a ball and seal it in plastic wrap. The dough needs to cool down before being rolled out and applied to the tart pan. Following, use a fork to prick the tart crust base. This prevents the pastry shell from puffing up. The crust should be pre-baked, depending on the recipe you’ve chosen. The baking usually takes up to fifteen minutes after the crust should leave to rest. The last step in making the chocolate tart crust is filling it up and putting it back in the oven until the filling is also ready.

Which recipe do you use for baking these amazing treats? Do you have your way of preparing the perfect chocolate filling?

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