No matter if you’re a rookie or an expert on making cakes, one thing is sure – you
want your cake to look the same as the one from the photo, right? Whoever made a
cake knows that baking cake layers always turns out with a domed layer, turning your
cake in a curved product that’s good for nothing.

Don’t worry, even the master chefs make use of a few tools to make their cakes look
perfectly even. To be able to succeed in making your cake as the professionals do,
you have to be the master of cake leveling and we’re here to give you a few tips on

Is It Worth It?

Even though you know that the people you make the cake for don’t really care that
much about aesthetics, wouldn’t it be nice if you could serve them a beautifully-cut
piece of cake and say that you are the one who made it? It sounds really nice, so
don’t think that knowing how to level a cake is a waste of time. By making your cake
layers even and clear-cut, you can experiment with decorating and perhaps learn a
few new tricks on the way!

How to Become an Expert on Cake Leveling?

The first thing you need to learn here is to be patient and not get upset if things don’t
go as planned. Don’t rush into things and always let your layers cool down before
you start leveling them otherwise you will end up with a crumbling mess. Once you
think you’re ready, you can apply some of the following methods:

1. Use a cake leveler

If you didn’t know before we mentioned it, there is an actual tool that can help you
make your cake layers even. A cake leveler resembles a coat hanger in its shape,
but it has a plastic handle with clearly defined markers for height on the sides. You
don’t have to be an expert to use it, just be careful and neat.

You should place the cake on a board and adjust the edges of the cake leveler to the
desired height. While the “legs” of the leveler are on the working surface, gently cut
into the cake with a sawing motion. When you reach through the crust, continue until
you come out on the other end. The dome should be removed easily and evenly.

2.Use a serrated blade

This is the easiest and most basic method you can apply if you don’t know how to use a cake leveler or you simply don’t have one.

You need two things – a long,serrated knife and a steady hand.

Place your cake on a flat surface and place your knife parallel with the surface so
that you can cut off the dome part of the layer. Move the knife gently back and forth
in a sawing manner to remove the upper part. Although a good method for cake
leveling, you need a little practice before reaching the expert level.

Cakes with perfectly leveled layers

3. Keep it Fresh and Interesting

Also, make sure to buy fresh products for your cake and avoid any unnecessary
problems. We at Medina Baking offer a wide array of cake ingredients and
decorating, as well as dessert toppings and fillings. You will be able to make state-of-
the-art cakes with our selection of baking products. If you know how to cut cake
layers, you also know how important it is to use new products.

Another good thing you can do is equip yourself with some embroideries and quilting
hoops for a more interesting approach to cake layering. All these can be easily found
in supply stores and they come in various shapes and sizes.

As you can see, cake layering isn’t that big of a deal, you just need some time to
master a few tricks and you’re good to go!