Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – a muffin can find its way into any meal you have. Once you learn how to make muffins you’ll want to have them every time you sit at a table. Luckily, classic muffins aren’t that hard to make. But you have to follow instructions. 

Just buying muffin mix and putting it in a pan won’t do the trick if you want perfect muffins. Perfection requires a bit more dedication. 

Fortunately, you’re in the right place if you want to learn how to make muffins. We’ll tell you all of our muffin tips that include how to get that unique muffin texture! So, read on and start cooking.

How to Mix Muffin Batter

Overmixing is the most common mistake that people make when they are trying to make muffin mix. Don’t be one of those people. Instead, going for 10-12 turns will be enough to make the best muffin batter you’ve ever tried. That’s the first of our muffin tips. 

To make the perfect mixture, we’ll do a process called the muffin method. The first rule of the method says to mix all wet ingredients and dry components at once. Pouring the liquids in the dry ingredients bowl will do the trick. Then, start mixing. As we mentioned, don’t make a rookie mistake and overmix the muffin batter. You don’t even need an electric mixer. A mixing spoon is the tool of choice for this job.

Use it until you moisten all of the dry parts. It’s fine if there are some lumps, muffin mix doesn’t have to be smooth.

Muffin Batter Can’t Wait

Woman Making Muffin Batter

We live in a time when everybody is constantly in a rush and people want a quick bite to eat and go on to do other things. For that reason, people want to make their muffin mix and then use it some other time. Fill up their muffin pan and have a meal ready in minutes. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. 

Baking muffins doesn’t mean mixing the batter and leaving it at a muffin baking temperature. That won’t get you perfect muffins. Premixing might save you some time, but it usually doesn’t work. And we’ll explain why.

Baking powder activates when it’s in contact with water. If you mix your ingredients before it’s time to bake them you won’t get the result you are hoping for. The muffins most likely won’t rise, and you’ll be left with a disappointment. So, as soon as your batter gets the wanted muffin texture put it in a pan and start baking. Muffins are delicious for a few days anyway!

Filling the Muffin Pan

The most important part of filling the muffin pan is leaving enough room for the muffins to rise. Usually, filling three-quarters of the pan is the way to go. But, it may vary based on the recipe you’re using. If the book says otherwise, follow its instructions. There might be less or more baking powder which will cause your muffins to rise differently than ours.

You can use 3 spoons as a general measuring method. That amount will get you a pretty regular-sized muffin. By using the same system every time, all of your muffins will be similar in size. That will allow them to bake evenly once they are in the oven at a muffin baking temperature. So not only will same-sized muffins look appealing, they will be baked similarly and taste better than ever!

What’s the Perfect Muffin Baking Temperature

The perfect temperature for baking muffins varies based on the recipe you’re using and the preferences on how you like your dessert. Most recipes will tell you to use a high temperature, possibly around 400 degrees F. That’s to get the muffins to rise. The temperature will make your treats taller and more appealing visually. 

Your friends might advise you to use a lower temperature. It’s not that they don’t know how to make muffins, they just have a different recipe. Give them both a shot and see what’s your favorite.

How to Choose a Muffin Pan

Choosing a muffin pan is not a complicated task. Just go for something non-shiny and light-colored. When it comes to the size, go with your preferences. If you fancy jumbo muffins that can fill you up as a meal, get a pan that suits those needs. If you enjoy mini muffins and want to snack every once in a while, get a pan for those. Of course, it’s best to have one pan in each size.

What Are Your Add-in Options?

What can’t you add to your muffin recipe? Fruit, chocolate pieces, and nuts all work perfectly. No matter what you’re adding, it’s best to do it before the baking. Put whatever you like in the batter and mix it all together.

Make sure to not use large pieces, because they are likely going to drop to the bottom. The key to a perfect muffin is add-ins that are evenly distributed throughout the entirety of the dessert. So, if you want to add something larger, try cutting it into pieces for a better experience.

Of course, you can add jam or hazelnut spread as well. They will give your muffins a softer core everybody enjoys!

Is It OK To Use Muffin Liners?

Delicious Homemade Muffins With Peanut Butter Icing

Muffin liners will make a difference to the outside of your muffins. It’s up to you to decide if you like that difference or not. If you opt for using liners, your muffins will be softer on the outside. On the other hand, if you choose to pour the batter straight into the pan, you will get crispier sides and edges.

Also, if you plan on having a muffin on the go, using liners might be more convenient. Think about that as well. Maybe liners can save you from carrying plastic containers all day.

How to Know When Your Muffins Are Done

The toothpick method always works. You’ve probably seen somebody do this even if you aren’t experienced in baking. Stick a toothpick in one of the muffins and pull it out. If it’s still fairly clean and there aren’t a lot of crumbs on it, your muffin texture is perfect. 

You can take out the pan and leave the muffins to cool off. Don’t leave them in the pan for too long or they’ll become soggy. After a while, take them out and let them finish cooling. Once they are cold enough to eat, dig in!

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