Crazy about donuts? If you love them like we do, you might be asking yourself some questions about preserving these delicious treats. How do you keep leftover donuts fresh? Can you fry donuts? Can donuts be frozen? Can you freeze glazed donuts? Those are some of the most common questions we get here at Medina Baking, wholesale frozen pastries supplier. Read this article we prepared for you and find out how to preserve donuts the best way.

Donuts are deep-fried pastries. They’re made from flour. In the centre, you can use cream or jelly, but most donuts have a hole. The hole lets the donut cook evenly.

You can eat donuts as treats, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and basically whenever you get a sweet tooth. Donuts are one of the superfoods you can always consume. 

Can you freeze donuts?

You probably know that Donuts have a rather brief shelf life. If kept at room temperature, they can last for no longer than 2 days. So, a natural question that follows is – can you keep donuts in the fridge? The answer is yes – leftover donuts can always be kept in the refrigerator, but they won’t gain a lot more time on their shelf life. You can keep them in the fridge for about 5 days tops. On the other hand, freezing this popular dessert is one great way to keep it fresher for longer. Yes, frozen donuts exist and you can preserve them longer than you thought.

How to freeze donuts?


Preparing donuts one by one is the best way to freeze donuts. Take a large piece of plastic wrap and put it on a flat surface. Put the cooled donut in the center of the plastic wrap and completely cover the dessert, tucking the edges of the plastic wrap beneath the donut. The plastic wrap protects the donut against frostbites once it’s kept in the freezer.

Stick the wrapped donut one by one in the freezer, making sure it secures the tucked ends. This does not allow the donuts to stick to each other. Besides the plastic wrap, tin foil or freezer-safe plastic bags can also be used to pack the donuts before freezing.

Can you freeze glazed donuts?

You can save glazed donuts by storing them in a securely sealed plastic bag or tub for a tasty treat on another day. 

You don’t need to store glazed donuts in the fridge so they can stay fresh. In fact, storing them in the fridge can create a moist environment that causes your donut’s glaze to melt and absorb into the donut— resulting in a sticky, soggy mess. If your donuts have a topping, like chocolate or custard, it is better to put them in the freezer.

As with chocolate, donuts are one of those nice treats that we just can’t get enough. Because it is so delicious and not the healthiest meal, you shouldn’t consume a box of donuts in one sitting.

You may cool it down, but freezing is undoubtedly the best way of extending the donut’s shelf life. Follow the steps mentioned above and you should be able to keep your donuts fresh for 2 or 3 months.

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