Who doesn?t love cookies?

That’s exactly why we wanted to share our expertise in these delectable goodies. We wanted to share our cookie baking tips in hope that you, too, will succeed in selling out these sweet treats. While we recognize that you may have a super secret recipe that has been passed on for generations, we have a few baking tips for cookies that are universal, and will not impede on your great grandmother?s secret recipe.

Yes, we realize that baking cookies can be as easy as Pillsbury. But, did you know that what you bake your cookies on, can make a huge difference in how well they turn out? Sit back, relax, and grab a tall glass of milk while we share some super simple cookie baking tips!

How to Improve Your Cookie Baking Skills?

1. Baking Sheets

As previously mentioned, what you rest your mini goodies on, makes a big difference in the quality. And by this, we mean baking sheets. Using heavy aluminum baking sheets without sides makes it easy to slide cookies on and off a cooling rack. They also help in making sure your cookies cook evenly and quickly.

Darker sheets often absorb heat and insulated sheets take longer cooking times. Parchment paper cuts down on the need to grease baking sheets. Also, cooling baking sheets between batches works wonders!

2. Placing Your Aphrodite Cookies Right

Ok, so you?ve placed them gently on the baking sheets, now what? Make sure all cookies are the same size and shape. This is best done using a cookie or ice cream scoop and weighing your cookie dough. Your cookies are going to spread a little, so creating two inches between each one is ideal to allow your cookies to space.

3. Use a Timer

Always use a timer, and check your cookies at the minimum baking time. One minute can result in burnt or hard cookies. If you are baking a cupcake this tip is crucial. When done, move cookies from sheets to wire racks for cooling. Doing so will keep your cookies intact.

4. Baking Soda Trick

When cookies don?t have enough structure, they will spread clear across your sheets in the baking process. If you are looking to increase the spread to your cookie, add baking soda.

This will not only help your cookies ?grow? but will significantly increase the browning effect. Baking soda also raises the Ph level and adds crispness to the cookies. However, be careful not to add too much, since an excess of baking soda will cause the eggs to turn a greyish green color.

5. Prep Your Ingredients

All ingredients should be at room temperature, especially butter. Everything’s better with butter, and when at room temperature, butter creams just right with sugar. The effect makes your cookies perfect.

cookie baking ingredients

Otherwise, if the butter is too hot or cold, it will not produce the desired effect, and the cookies will fall flat. Setting the butter out on the counter an hour before baking, or even the night before, is a good way to ensure your butter is ready. Using unsalted butter is best.

6. Softening Hard Cookies

Have you ever had your cookies come out too hard? This is a common mistake and one that we can help with, too. A simple cookie baking tip for hard cookies is to place the hard cookies in the microwave with a mug of hot water. Heat everything for a few minutes and presto!

Another trick to softening hard cookies is to store them with a couple of apples. If the cookies you?ve stored have become too hard over time, you can couple them with a piece of bread in a plastic bag, and your cookies will be soft again.

7. Flat Cookies Issue

If you find that your cookies are constantly spreading too much, its likely due to the dough not being chilled enough or the pan being too greasy. Other factors, such as the type of sugar or flour, can play a role in thinned out cookies, as well.

These tips should help make your cookies phenomenal and short lived. Do you have a trick to making the perfect cookies you?d like to share? We?d love to hear about it on our Facebook page!

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