Christmas Holidays Are Coming: Christmas Cake

Not many dishes are more crucial for a good Christmas party than the cake. Making Christmas cake is a large part of any family's holiday season, and we're about to make yours just a bit sweeter. Don't make the same old dessert you do every time; go for our recipe instead. It takes more than a few hours of cooking but [...]

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How Long Should a Cake Cool Before Frosting?

If there’s one problem most commercial bakeries know all too well, it’s the issue of time. You’re always going to be facing customers who need their order done yesterday. And when that order is a cake, rushing it could end up in disaster.  So, when is a cake ready to frosting after you finish baking it? We’re glad you asked. In [...]

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What Is the Best Way to Store and Freeze Cupcakes?

If you’re like most baking enthusiasts, you probably run into a problem every time you bake cupcakes. It hardly seems worth it to go through all the trouble of baking them just to make half a dozen. But, if you go all out, you end up having to give away or throw out most of what you make.  But, there’s a [...]

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Can You Freeze Donuts In Order To Preserve Them?

Crazy about donuts? If you love them like we do, you might be asking yourself some questions about preserving these delicious treats. How do you keep leftover donuts fresh? Can you fry donuts? Can donuts be frozen? Can you freeze glazed donuts? Those are some of the most common questions we get here at Medina Baking, wholesale frozen pastries supplier. Read [...]

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Does Flour Go Bad – How Long Will It Last?

If you’re are someone who loves cooking and baking, you probably buy food, ingredients, and spices in bulk, making sure you’re never short of anything you might need for a quick and easy kitchen project. Although this is a good strategy, you have to take into consideration that many foodstuffs have a short expiration date and can’t exactly be used past [...]

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