8 Traditional Cuban Desserts

Everyone needs that one special dessert that simply brings joy and energy during the day. And there are plenty of different types of deserts, different cuisines, and different traditional desserts, which are not that hard to prepare. In this article, we will talk about traditional Cuban desserts that are simple, delicious, yet very easy to make – and almost always cinnamon-heavy. [...]

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6 Baking Recipes For A Healthy Christmas Dessert

The winter holidays are upon us, and our Christmas present for you this year is a bunch of recipes for healthy Christmas desserts and treats. While most Christmas feasts include high calorie food and over sugared desserts, Medina Baking & Powder supply cares about your body and overall health. That’s why we prepared these 6 healthy Christmas dessert recipes, so you [...]

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10 Butter Substitutes For Baking

If you enjoy cooking and baking, then you must have experimented with ingredients you use in your recipes at least once. The more you prepare food, the more experienced and free you become with your recipes. If you’re the kind of person that likes variety and diversity when baking and finding all sorts of interesting and nutritious substitutes for different ingredients, [...]

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5 Milk Substitutes for Baking: Dairy and Non-Dairy

Milk enhances each recipe. You haven't heard that before? Protein works wonders on more than your body. The effects of protein in baking can be seen in strong batters and doughs able to defy the harshness of baking. Seriously, milk gives your bread muscles. But, there are times when you have a baking itch and no milk in the fridge. Rather [...]

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4 Tips for Baking and Cooking with Alcohol

Who doesn?t love a great Riesling paired with a delicious and creamy cheesecake? We certainly do, but our tips for baking with alcohol are taking on a whole new meaning today. That's because cooking with alcohol in the recipe is a great way to add distinct flavors and aromas. Of course, we will not discourage you from cooking with your favorite [...]

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