7 Cake Decorating Tools for a Flawless Cake

Have you ever wondered what it takes to bake like a pro? If you?re like us and enjoy watching the Food Network and competitive baking shows like Cake Wars, you?ve probably wondered what cake-making equipment they use to come up with these masterpieces. Sure, it takes some skill and knowledge of how to come up with the perfect cake, but most [...]

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10 Best Cookie Baking Supplies

The holidays are just around the corner and you are putting your menu together. You may switch things up this year and try something new. Instead of pumpkin pie, cookies may be a great alternative. Festive desserts are always a holiday favorite and cookies are super easy to make. These small, warm, mounds of goodness always hit the spot in cooler [...]

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Different Types of Bakeries

Bakeries come in all shapes and sizes. It?s no wonder competition is stiff. That's why we at Medina Baking & Supply are here to help you find your niche and stand out from the crowd. Establishing your business as one of a kind is just one of many ways to set yourself and your beloved pastries up for success. And there's [...]

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How Should You Name Your Bakery Business?

Great! You?ve decided to start a bakery in Miami. Now, you need to come up with catchy bakery names that will draw your cupcake loving customers and keep them coming back. This is the fun and difficult part. You want to name your bakery something that your customers will remember but you also want the name to be unique. We?ve compiled [...]

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Cost of Opening a Bakery: Budget Needed

Opening a bakery business is like any other business. You need a plan with a budget if you want to succeed. Running a bakery is no piece of cake but if done right, you can set your business up for long-term sustainability. Simply put, your bakery business will grow with careful planning, preparation, and budgeting. If you are like most new [...]

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