Meringue Cookies: Simple Recipe With Secret Tips&Tricks

Knowing a few simple recipes that you can whip up at any time is the first step to being a good host. Sometimes, unannounced guests can surprise you with a visit, and you'll have a short time to come up with something tasty and quick.  Luckily, that's the perfect way to describe our meringue cookies recipe. The cooking time is one [...]

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The Complete Guide to Cake Airbrushing

The popularity of the cake airbrushing technique has increased rapidly in the last decade or two.  To learn about how to airbrush cakes and other delicious food, we prepared a step-by-step guide that will encourage you to try out this impressive way of decorating. But first, let’s explore the possibilities of this technique.  Why Choose Airbrushing Cakes Over Other Ways of [...]

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Beginner’s Guide To Cake Decorating

What are the cake decorating essentials a total beginner should know about? It is possible you already have some needed items on your hands, so stocking up will require only a few more cake decorating supplies.  For starters, if you wish to master cake decorating for beginners, equip yourself with patience and persistence. We have created a short beginner’s guide of cake [...]

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How to Make a Muffin of Your Dreams?

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - a muffin can find its way into any meal you have. Once you learn how to make muffins you'll want to have them every time you sit at a table. Luckily, classic muffins aren't that hard to make. But you have to follow instructions.  Just buying muffin mix and putting it in a pan won't do [...]

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8 Traditional Cuban Desserts

Everyone needs that one special dessert that simply brings joy and energy during the day. And there are plenty of different types of deserts, different cuisines, and different traditional desserts, which are not that hard to prepare. In this article, we will talk about traditional Cuban desserts that are simple, delicious, yet very easy to make – and almost always cinnamon-heavy. [...]

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