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Best Dried Fruits for Baking

Dried grapes have been many people's favorite dried fruit for years. The common name for this dried food is raisins. In this blog you can find the best dried fruit to make cookies and desserts. But, of course, many delicious fruits become even better when dried, like dried dates and plums. Benefits of Dried Fruit The fruit drying method is one [...]

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Tempering Chocolate: A Step by Step Guide

This unique-looking dessert will leave you speechless from the first time you lay your eyes on it. Because of the tempered chocolate topping, the entire piece resembles a mirror. However, tempering chocolate is the best method to make a perfect dessert. Tempered dark chocolate will melt evenly in your mouth, and it will snap when bitten. Here you can find the [...]

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Baking With Frozen or Canned Fruit

Just because a fruit is not in season doesn't mean we can't enjoy a frozen fruit cake! We're only human, and it's natural to have a craving for something delicious even when some of the ingredients are out of season. Luckily, someone came up with a bunch of canned fruit recipes that you can make at any point during the year. [...]

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How to Make a Muffin of Your Dreams?

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - a muffin can find its way into any meal you have. Once you learn how to make muffins you'll want to have them every time you sit at a table. Luckily, classic muffins aren't that hard to make. But you have to follow instructions.  Just buying muffin mix and putting it in a pan won't do [...]

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Cakes: What Are the Main Ingredients and Why?

With today’s recipes and tutorials, baking a cake is not rocket science anymore. Knowing the main ingredients for baking or the "cake basics" is a great starting point.  Whether you are making a sponge, chocolate, or layer cake, basic ingredients are pretty much always the same. If you stock up your pantry on regular basis, you probably already have all the [...]

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