Have you ever wondered what it takes to bake like a pro? If you?re like us and enjoy watching the Food Network and competitive baking shows like Cake Wars, you?ve probably wondered what cake-making equipment they use to come up with these masterpieces. Sure, it takes some skill and knowledge of how to come up with the perfect cake, but most of the time it all boils down to the right cake tools and equipment.?

Without a robust cake decorating tools list, you won?t achieve great results, no matter how skilled you are in the kitchen. Remember, baking is a science. You may not remember everything from biology or chemistry classes you took ages ago, but you can?t forget the tools you needed to create the right chemical reactions. To achieve flawless results in cake decorating, the same concept applies to cake decorating essentials.?

But don?t worry!. Not only do we carry all cake decorating ingredients needed to achieve perfection (or very near), we have also supplied a secret list of tools the pros use. We highly recommend taking a look at our website and bringing a list with you to our store. Or give us a call to order cake decorating ingredients the right away. You?ll thank us later!

Start with the basic cake decorating essentials

For novice cake makers, we recommend starting with the basics. You?ve seen the fancy tools used by the pros, but you need to start somewhere and develop the skills necessary to effectively apply more advanced equipment.?

  • Professional cake pans

A prominent cake baker once said, ?Great cakes are built on great foundations.? Ok, maybe not, but it?s true! You will have to start with professional grade cake pans with vertical sides which prevents the need to carve as much to even edges when stacking cakes. Using commercial-grade pans is the best way to go and you can?t go wrong with brands like Cuisinart, Elite Bakeware, and Nordic Ware.?

  • Parchment paper

This cake decorating tool will be your best friend for life! Parchment paper is versatile and can be used for so much more than just baking a flawless cake. Its grease- and moisture-resistant texture keeps on giving by catching everything else you don?t want from your baked goods. Its nonstick nature allows your cakes and cookies to glide right off with ease. So, it?s best to load up on parchment paper for all up and coming baking aficionados!

  • High-quality knife

It’s always a good idea to have a high-quality knife for multi-purpose use, especially in cake decorating. You will need a sharp edge to work with fondant and parchment paper when baking cakes. If you’re looking for increased accuracy in your lines, an? X-ACTO knife may be more efficient.?

  • Cake board

When you?re moving your cake around, you need a cake board, period. You want your cake masterpiece to remain stable and perfect when you transfer it from the kitchen counter to your fridge and anywhere in between. For larger cakes, you?ll need a cake drum. Trust us, this is the only way to transport pastry excellence around the kitchen.?

Step up your cake game

  • Turntable

When you are serious about cake decorating, you?ll need a turntable. Achieving flawless results is virtually impossible without one. When you’re applying your fondant, ganache, or crumb coat, you?ll need to maneuver around your cake to make it happen. Without it, you?ll end up with a mess.?

  • Fondant rollers

Fondant is wonderfully versatile and brings new life to your cake! Whether you are covering your cake for a smooth finish or making flower petals, working with fondant requires rollers. Plastic or silicone fondant rollers work best since they come in two sizes and are strong enough to achieve the right thinness needed in cake decorating.?

  • Fondant smoothers

After you?ve rolled the fondant to your desired consistency, you will need to further smooth it to ensure no air bubbles exist. Having more than one fondant smoother is even better.?

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There you have it! The list of cake-making equipment used by the pros and approved by us. After you?ve picked up your cake decoration equipment, take a look at our website and give us a call; or email us at sales@medinabaking.com to order your cake decorating supplies in Miami Florida. We?ll be here waiting for you. Until then, happy baking!