Baking with whole wheat flour, and generally a diet based on whole grains, seems to be gaining popularity every day. In the world of fast food and sodas, trying to keep with a healthy living routine may be a bit difficult. Including whole grains in your diet is a great thing, but the problems begin when you decide to bake with whole wheat flour, which has to be dealt with care.

Its nutritional content, texture, and flavor will definitely make it worth your while! Stay tuned and read our quick guide on how to use whole wheat flour in your baking endeavors. 

Always Use Fresh and High-quality Products

Preparing food has one golden rule – always use fresh and good products! To be sure your final product will be exactly what you imagined, you simply have to buy new products and start from there. Every master baker knows this, so finding the best whole wheat flour brand is the best thing to start with. 

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Combine Different Types of Flour 

If you’re baking with whole wheat flour, you have to know that it is different from all-purpose flour and it will behave differently if you don’t adjust the conditions of baking. You can start by making small adjustments to the recipes and making combinations of whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour until you master whole grain baking alone. 

By substituting up to 40% of all-purpose flour with wheat flour, you can change the nutritious content and the overall flavor, but the texture will be pretty much the same, making the baking process easier and less stressful. Whole wheat flour tends to be really dry and hard when baked, so by combining it with other types of flour you minimize this and make the best out of it. 

Pay Attention to Hydration and Resting 

If you want your whole-wheat scones, bread, and cupcakes to be moist and tender, you have to make sure the batter is properly hydrated. Make sure to leave the batter to rest prior to putting it in the oven.

mixed breads and rolls

Once you form the dough, let it rest for half an hour at least and then try baking it. This will give you a nicely-hydrated and formed batter to work with. You will see the difference after baking it and ultimately enjoy your product immensely! 

Find Good Recipes  

Generally, the Internet is packed with numerous baking with whole wheat flour recipes sites, so it’s not difficult to find them online. However, how can you be sure that the recipe is good and that you will have a great final baking product? 

This skill requires some experience in the field of preparing food. The more you cook and bake, the more you’ll know about what goes and what doesn’t. As an experienced baker, you’ll develop a feeling of which recipes are really good and which can be adjusted to perfection. This goes for whole wheat flour as well – the more you use it in your diet, the easier it will become for you to bake with it. 

In the end, baking with whole grains isn’t really difficult, right? We’ve given you a few useful tips that will help you in mastering baking with whole wheat flour so you can amaze your friends and family with healthy and lovely cupcakes or bread whenever you make lunch or dinner!