There are certain must-have items that every baker should keep ready to use on hand that don?t require a huge financial investment. Whether you are a just starting out a baking business, or are a first-class veteran, there are some baking supplies that you must not go without.

However, if you are a beginner, we?ve provided an essential baking supplies checklist that will guide you in the right direction:

Baking pans?

To stick or not to stick; that is the question. Non-stick pans are well insulated and guarantee an evenly baked pastry. Non non-stick pans (also referred to as stick pans) are thick and conduct heat very well. If you typically use parchment or silicone baking mats to line your pans, it may not make much of a difference anyway. If not, your safest bet is non-stick pans.

Baking mat?

So, you decided on stick pans. Thats where a baking mat can come in handy. It is a great alternative to greasing the pan while cutting down on cleaning time.

Mixing bowls

The more sizes, the merrier! You simply can?t go wrong with heavy-duty bowls and rubberized bases. While they come in all sizes for every ingredient you have, they may not be microwave safe.

Parchment paper?

Much like baking mats, parchment paper makes for easy cleaning.

Measuring cups & spoons?

So many to choose from yet so little time. These baking essentials usually come in sets and varying sizes. Owning several sets is the most convenient route to go.

Rolling pin?

This is an obvious must-have. Wooden rolling pins vary in price and typically last a long time.

Hand mixer?

For beginners, a hand mixer is perfect and affordable. Stand mixers are usually for larger batches of dough or batter. If you can get both, do so. If not, a hand mixer will be sufficient.

Oven thermometer?

Your oven?s temperature is not always accurate and may even be off by 10 degrees or more. An oven thermometer ensures that your baked goods are cooked evenly and not ruined after hours spent on mixing ingredients.


Baking is an art and using exact measurements ensures your recipes come out as planned.

Flour sifter

To prevent clumps, sifting your flour before mixing it with other ingredients is a no-brainer. If you want to take it to another level, a sifter with a hand crank and single mesh is sturdier and more robust.

Cooling rack

A cooling rack helps to raise pastry above a counter surface and provides proper air circulation that prevents sogginess. Depending on the material used, it ensures good support and long-term durability.

Sheet pan

No kitchen is complete without a good baking sheet. This tool is versatile and conducts heat well.

Cookie scoop

Cookies of different sizes do not cook evenly and a baking favorite can turn into a baking nightmare. A cookie scoop eliminates those worries by making sure portions are the same size and cook evenly.


A spoon-shaped spatula helps you scrape out dough easily.

Offset spatula

This is an essential tool for frosting a cake.

Icing tip set

Each tip gives a unique look to your cake. The set comes in various shapes and sizes.


You will use these over and over again. No kitchen is complete without it.

There you have it! Your beginners guide to baking essentials, courtesy of your friends here at Medina Baking & Supply. We take baking seriously and were once beginners too. We know that good baking is about precision, quality, and patience. Reach out to us on our Facebook and Twitter pages and tell us what your favorite baking essentials are and why.