Let?s face it. Everyone loves a great cupcake. But how do you get customers to love your cupcakes above everyone else’s? Here at Medina Bakery & Supply, we know a thing or two about standing out and want to help you build your bakery business. Marketing is crucial to differentiating yourself from the competition and making your brand memorable but most bakery owners are not aware of where to start.

That’s where we can help. As experienced business owners ourselves, we have a few simple and effective tips and tricks up our sleeves that we can share with you to help you get started. So, take notes and share with us how you?ve implemented these ideas! We?ll post your success stories on our Facebook page!

1. Have an online presence

This is an absolute must-have. In today?s digital era, customers want to know your story and you have an opportunity to present your narrative your way. The first step to building an effective online presence is to build and manage your own website. There are a number of website hosting services available like GoDaddy, HostGator, DreamHost, Hostwinds, InMotion, and Cloudways, to name a few.

There are also cost – effective free web hosting services available like Wix, Weebly, and Site123. But don?t stop there. Building a website is just the beginning of creating an online presence. Take your website to the next level by adding a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page that allows your current and future customers to interact with you and see what you have to offer right now.

2. Host an event for a non -profit

By hosting an event and partnering with a local non – profit, you are not only contributing to a good cause within your community, you are creating great exposure for your bakery brand. It gives you the opportunity to attract new customers and generate a ton of word-of-mouth referrals.

Make your brand unforgettable by adding an extra touch of personalization specific to the event and non – profit organization. You really can?t go wrong by being an active member of the community, and your customers will appreciate you for it!

3. Open up your doors

Nothing says ?come hither? like the warm, sweet smell of freshly baked bread. Open your bakery doors wide and let your community smell what’s baking. Who can pass up a store that smells like chocolate chip cookies? Seriously, no one has that much willpower to pass up on a red velvet cupcake. With an inviting ambiance and freshly baked pastry, you?ll have customers lining up in no time.

4. Tempt your customers with something new

If you?ve been doing the same old thing for a while, it’s time to change it up. That doesn?t mean get rid of your signature pastry that you may be well – known for. But give it a twist with a new take on your bakery masterpiece. Competition is stiff out there and if you don?t have something different, you may get left behind. Tempt your customer with a new flavor or signature pastry that compliments your current theme.

baking new products

5. Offer free item with package deal

This is a more traditional and popular route but it still works! Everyone loves free stuff and if it comes baked with vanilla frosting, that?s even better. Offering discounts can be done in a variety of ways including weekly promotions, BOGO offers, and senior or student discounts.

Customer loyalty cards are great to keep your customers interested and engaged. These promotions can be linked to your social media as check-ins on your Facebook page. The opportunities are endless!

6. Couples Baking Date

Offer a warm new experience for couples looking for new dating ideas. A couples baking date gives your customers an opportunity to work together to create a sweet treat to be shared. Come up with a simple pastry recipe that can be duplicated at home.

Don?t limit this to just Valentines Day but expand to include special promotions for anniversary sessions. Also, don?t forget to pair the pastry with a good wine. Moscato anyone?

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