Anytime is good for cupcakes! That’s why Medina Baking and Powder is your ?one-stop shop? for any occasion that calls for a decadent treat. We are big fans of cupcakes and everything that goes in them. We also know that the specialty cupcake business is booming in the current economy since the sweet treat is convenient and inexpensive. If there was ever a time for cupcakes, it is now!

Whether you want to keep it simple or change it up, we suggest 5 of the most popular cupcake flavors for any occasion.

  1. Vanilla: This flavor is anything but bland. It is one of the most common flavors in baking and provides a pallet for creativity and combination ideas. Simply put, vanilla is here to stay.
  2. Banana: This is a pastry that is reminiscent of banana bread and home cooked meals. Banana is incredibly versatile and healthy. No need to choose between breakfast or dessert because these treats are good for either. Brunch anyone?
  3. Red Velvet: If you are looking for something different, these mini cakes will hit the spot. Surprisingly, in many specialty stores, red velvet cupcakes often outsell all other flavors, including chocolate and vanilla. The cream cheese frosting may have something to do with that.
  4. Lemon: With a sweet hint of citrus, this flavor is downright delicious. The amount of tartness depends on the recipe and frosting paring.
  5. Chocolate: Also as one of the most common flavors, chocolate is a timeless indulgence. Need we say more?

Whatever your flavor, you are sure to find high-quality ingredients and supplies with us.

As fall approaches, now is a perfect time to stock up for Halloween and Thanksgiving treats. If you’re in town, check us out at the upcoming International Dairy Deli Bakery Association Show in New Orleans. This exciting event brings together local and international bakers, candy makers, and industry professionals focused on showcasing the latest innovative techniques and trends.

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association Show allows us to see the latest trends in our industry. There is a tremendous variety of bakery product manufacturers that allows us to seek out new products for our customers as well interact with some of our vendors and representatives on a one on one basis, further strengthening our relationships as leaders in the industry.
In the meantime, for all your summertime needs, check out our frozen desserts and pastries at our location here in Miami featuring premium brands like Maplehurst, Karps, Pillsbury and many more!