8 Traditional Cuban Desserts

Everyone needs that one special dessert that simply brings joy and energy during the day. And there are plenty of different types of deserts, different cuisines, and different traditional desserts, which are not that hard to prepare. In this article, we will talk about traditional Cuban desserts that are simple, delicious, yet very easy to make – and almost always cinnamon-heavy. [...]

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The Use of Bakery Emulsions for Baking and Frosting

Small amounts of bakery emulsion are ideally and historically, the secret ingredient used in most baking processes. Several recipes incorporate these emulsions for baking. They are easy to use and often yield a much tastier and more uniform result compared to using the real ingredients themselves. Bakery emulsion has its flavors suspended in water; unlike pure flavor extracts based on alcohol, [...]

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Pros and Cons of Silicone Bakeware

For a baker, it is crucial to have the right equipment in order to bake some amazing dishes. Even if you’re just someone who wants to enjoy delicious baked goods at home, the tools you use will affect the ease of process as well as the final result. Essentially, opt for tools and equipment that will make things easier for you, [...]

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What Is Brill Frosting?

Brill company was founded in 1928. The real reason behind the creation of this masterpiece was the inclusion of new techniques in baking. Even after all those years, Brill Inc. has grown to maintain its heritage. Offering a wide variety of signature baking styles, they also carry unique icing combos like Scoop-N-Bake Muffins, Simplicious, Premium icing techniques, and a wide variety [...]

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Coloring Tips

Using food coloring for cakes can make every dessert that you choose to make more interesting and special. If you have no experience with food coloring, want to learn how to make different colors with food coloring and create an interesting food coloring combination or see where to buy food coloring, the following tips for coloring cake batter are bound to [...]

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