6 Baking Recipes For A Healthy Christmas Dessert

The winter holidays are upon us, and our Christmas present for you this year is a bunch of recipes for healthy Christmas desserts and treats. While most Christmas feasts include high calorie food and over sugared desserts, Medina Baking & Powder supply cares about your body and overall health. That’s why we prepared these 6 healthy Christmas dessert recipes, so you [...]

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Does Flour Go Bad – How Long Will It Last?

If you’re are someone who loves cooking and baking, you probably buy food, ingredients, and spices in bulk, making sure you’re never short of anything you might need for a quick and easy kitchen project. Although this is a good strategy, you have to take into consideration that many foodstuffs have a short expiration date and can’t exactly be used past [...]

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10 Butter Substitutes For Baking

If you enjoy cooking and baking, then you must have experimented with ingredients you use in your recipes at least once. The more you prepare food, the more experienced and free you become with your recipes. If you’re the kind of person that likes variety and diversity when baking and finding all sorts of interesting and nutritious substitutes for different ingredients, [...]

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How to Perfectly Level Cake Layers?

No matter if you’re a rookie or an expert on making cakes, one thing is sure - you want your cake to look the same as the one from the photo, right? Whoever made a cake knows that baking cake layers always turns out with a domed layer, turning your cake in a curved product that’s good for nothing. Don’t worry, [...]

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Baking With Whole Wheat Flour: Quick Guide

Baking with whole wheat flour, and generally a diet based on whole grains, seems to be gaining popularity every day. In the world of fast food and sodas, trying to keep with a healthy living routine may be a bit difficult. Including whole grains in your diet is a great thing, but the problems begin when you decide to bake with [...]

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