How to Open a Successful Bakery?

Your pastries are a huge hit in your community and now you're considering opening a bakery. That’s a great idea and we are here for it! We know a thing or two about starting a bakery business and want to support your efforts on your road to success. Turning your talent for making delectable cupcakes into a revenue-generating business is a [...]

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7 Cake Decorating Tools for a Flawless Cake

Have you ever wondered what it takes to bake like a pro? If you’re like us and enjoy watching the Food Network and competitive baking shows like Cake Wars, you’ve probably wondered what cake-making equipment they use to come up with these masterpieces. Sure, it takes some skill and knowledge of how to come up with the perfect cake, but most [...]

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5 Milk Substitutes for Baking: Dairy and Non-Dairy

Milk enhances each recipe. You haven't heard that before? Protein works wonders on more than your body. The effects of protein in baking can be seen in strong batters and doughs able to defy the harshness of baking. Seriously, milk gives your bread muscles. But, there are times when you have a baking itch and no milk in the fridge. Rather [...]

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4 Tips for Baking and Cooking with Alcohol

Who doesn’t love a great Riesling paired with a delicious and creamy cheesecake? We certainly do, but our tips for baking with alcohol are taking on a whole new meaning today. That's because cooking with alcohol in the recipe is a great way to add distinct flavors and aromas. Of course, we will not discourage you from cooking with your favorite [...]

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4 Tips for Perfect Food Coloring for Cakes

Ever wonder how those chefs create beautiful, colorful cake masterpieces? We’ve all seen the videos of incredible rainbow cakes and seemingly gold-plated pastries. Well, we have the scoop. Those great feats were not achieved without careful planning and extensive knowledge of food coloring mixtures. But, have no fear because we are here to blow the lid on their secrets. If you [...]

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