7 Tips How to Use Silicone Molds for Baking

Silicone baking molds come in many shapes and sizes which makes the whole process of baking a lot more interesting and fun. Although they appeared quite recently, people found a lot of creative ways to put them to good use. They are great because they are made of a nonstick silicone material and can be washed and reused as many times [...]

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How to Price Cupcakes for Your Business?

Pricing your work may be an uncomfortable chore, but you have to earn a living! If you are a newly-established baker and are just getting to know your ways, you must feel the same. Also, if you’re mainly working with cupcakes, establishing fair cupcake pricing is an important part of your job. Let us give you a few tips about creating [...]

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How to Melt White Chocolate? the Ultimate Guide

Melting white chocolate seems to require quite some skill. Since it’s not real chocolate, but a combination of sugar, milk, cocoa butter, vanilla and fat, it doesn’t melt as easy as milk or dark chocolate. It has a lower melting point and is a little trickier to melt. However, it’s great for many things - glazing, topping or coating, it just [...]

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How to Open a Successful Bakery?

Your pastries are a huge hit in your community and now you're considering opening a bakery. That?s a great idea and we are here for it! We know a thing or two about starting a bakery business and want to support your efforts on your road to success. Turning your talent for making delectable cupcakes into a revenue-generating business is a [...]

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7 Cake Decorating Tools for a Flawless Cake

Have you ever wondered what it takes to bake like a pro? If you?re like us and enjoy watching the Food Network and competitive baking shows like Cake Wars, you?ve probably wondered what cake-making equipment they use to come up with these masterpieces. Sure, it takes some skill and knowledge of how to come up with the perfect cake, but most [...]

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